The first stage of the #125migliaperunrespiro project begun
Posted by MindUP News on 23/06/2022

The first stage of the #125migliaperunrespiro project begun
Alessandro Gattafoni has cystic fibrosis, a rare desease, already surprised us last year when he made the direct crossing of the Adriatic from Civitanova Marche to Split in Croatia. This feat has achieved more than a single sporting goal: it has in fact begun to raise awareness among people about this rare disease, attracting a lot of participation around the event. This year Alessandro's project is more ambitious: to go up the Adriatic in stages (covering the distance of a marathon every day) to get to Piran in Slovenia.
The athletic and mental preparation for this performance was handled with great professionalism. For the technical preparation none other than the two former Olympic gold medals of K2 offered themselves: Daniele Scarpa and Antonio Rossi. The mental training was instead entirely performed on the basis of MindUp the Enhancement Psychology method. Alessandro carried out the training in the Mindup headquarters in the Marche region at the Lybra center in Macerata together with our mental trainer Dr. Andrea Giammaria and the precious contribution of Dr. Michele Marconi, expert in psycho-physiology and biofeedback.
"Alessandro does not come from professional sports, at the same time he is has always played sports, he has plenty of motivation and resilience", explains Andrea Giammaria, "therefore it was not necessary to work with him on these aspects, while 5 objectives emerged from the initial assessment on which we focused:
- Optimize the preparation for the performance: for example, being able to sleep and rest well before the stages, not having persistent worries, not getting too active, therefore wasting energy, before the performance;
- Fine tune the management of negative emotions: Alessandro is not accustomed, like professionals, to media pressures, events, organization, etc., he knows how to manage the athletic part well but in this case the concerns deriving from the whole context of the event risked to inpact performance in a negative way due to external pressures and internal fears;
- Fine tune the efficiency of energies management and mental endurance: since it is an endourance race in an open environment, with variable weather conditions, it is necessary to work on optimizing psycho-physical endurance by learning to better manage energy throughout the race, without wasting it. Energy management during workouts was also a key element to work on to avoid over-training;
- Optimize post-performance recovery capacity: learning to quickly lower adrenaline levels and working on balancing the Autonomous Nervous System. This allows the athlete to acquire a perfect management of the quality of sleep and rest, together with the ability to recover a sense of calm and serenity;
- Finally, a specific objective requested directly by Alessandro was to improve interpersonal skills, useful both with the staff and with the entire organizational entourage. Canoeing is a solitary sport but we often forget that the real stress around sporting events is, for many people, the media hype that arises! "
The method of Integrated Mental Training for these objectives has made use, as always within the MindUP Enhanchment Psychology method, of mental training data monitoring, this has been utilized to show the athlete through numbers his starting point and his path of evolution and improvment. 

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