Towards Dakar 2023. Third integrated mental training session
Posted by MIndUP News on 11/07/2022

Towards Dakar 2023. Third integrated mental training session
The third integrated mental training session of the team that will face the tough race of the Dakar in 2023 took place. Given the presence of the whole team, we have set up, through our methodology, both teamwork to stimulate trust, shared determination and mutual awareness, and a personalized work based on individual and role differences that emerged in the initial assessment phase.

Today's training touched on two crucial aspects for achieving high performance:

1. The management of psycho-body tensions;
2. The optimization of concentration and reaction times.
Regarding the first aspect, we evaluated the personal reaction under pressure (through the analysis of the athlete's Fundamental Functioning and then implemented a psycho-physiological biofeedback training to implement the ability to manage psycho-body tensions (using retroactive electromyography).

As for concentration, we have implemented an Integrated Mental Training aimed at optimizing attentional styles (previously measured through scientific tests belonging to the world of Psychology dello Sport) based both on personal characteristics and on the different roles that athletes play in the competition. For this type of mental training we used specific performance software, associated with bio and neurofeedback systems to monitor the performance simulation.

In addition to the Integrated Mental Training carried out, at the end of the day, the pilot and navigator received specific indications (based on psycho-neuro-physiological data collected pre and post training) to optimize personal psycho-physical and performance aspects (for example those who have more need to activate a performance first or who has to pay attention to the emotional reaction after mistakes) thus increasing the level of personal awareness and learning new strategies to use in the race.
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