Mental health in the workplace: MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® 's vision
Posted by MinduUP News on 11/09/2022

Mental health in the workplace: MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® 's vision
Recently, the issue of mental health in the workplace has become a source of study, research and insights within numerous companies in various countries around the world. Various factors have contributed to fuelling this attention: on the one hand, these are positive factors, such as an increase in attention and sensitivity towards individual and corporate work. On the other hand, critical factors have emerged that have triggered greater urgency on the issue. Among these, the most recent are the pandemic, with all its complications and fears at an individual and organizational level, and the recent global geopolitical events, which have finally contributed to making the reality of many companies increasingly complex and difficult. Both have fuelled a sense of uncertainty often linked to the need to change habits with a view to both managing new organizational issues and making the most of opportunities emerging from the changes taking place.

In other words, coexistence with situations of pressure and stress has become increasingly widespread in the workplace at various organizational levels. Entrepreneurs and managers find themselves having to monitor and manage situations in a new way in a strategic and operational sense, making and executing, as always, decisions quickly. Under current conditions, however, certain decisions cannot be made without a correct and in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of stress, of the resulting problems and of its management.

All this has led various multinationals globally to focus on systematic and careful monitoring of stress levels in the company and to deepen training programs at all levelsthat lead people to understand the dynamics between stress and performance. We find support in the concepts just expressed in this recent article published in the digital edition of the authoritative MIT SLOAN, which provides interesting insights in this regard, framing mental health as a key factor in business development “Mental Health has become a business imperative” .

An aspect that we would like to point out, with respect to the article, concerns the choice of the concept of "mental health": our scientific vision of the human being has an integrated approach, in the sense that the mental and body planes are deeply interconnected, consequently the alterations, as most of the scientific literature is now demonstrating, are not only in the "mental" but affect the whole functioning of the person.

Based on this need, which is increasingly emerging in the corporate context, we have not been unprepared by creating a new model of applied psychology since years ago: the Enhancement Psychology, expressed through the methodology called MindUP - Enhancement Psychology ®. It is a model supported by a precise data collection, with an integrated vision of the person and useful for introducing and developing a new cultural dimension in terms of business organization. The creators of Enhancement Psychology, thanks to their specific training in psychology and psychotherapy, are experts both in identifying risk situations for the "mental health / functioning" of workers, and in strengthening and guiding career paths in a healthy and effective way. Finally, in addition to optimizing potential and intervening in critical areas, it is possible to promote more serene work contexts even in situations of change and uncertainty such as present and future ones. Further information on the implementation roots of our integrated method can be found at this link.