The professional and mental growth of our karting athlete Qarrar Firhand continues
Posted by MindUP New on 18/02/2023

The professional and mental growth of our karting athlete Qarrar Firhand continues
At the Franciacorta Karting Track, the young Indonesian (12 years old recently) made his debut in the OKJ category with the Kart Republic team.

Up until a few months ago, Quarrar shone for talent and speed, skills noted by many insiders, but he struggled a lot to get the right results in the race. The work of Integrated Mental Taining (, through our methodology MindUp Enhancement Psychology® has contributed to this leap in performance while debuting in a category much more challengening, first going to evaluate and then to enhance those mental and personality skills that are necessary to obtain high-level performance.

Serious and professional mental training should be considered on a par with physical/athletic and technical training: there are no magic wands, shortcuts, tips or tricks to "unblock" who knows what difficulties. The results come only with constant work that follows a project built on the specific needs of the athlete and his personality characteristics.

This debut race in the category saw him race with an exemplary mental attitude: gaining positions thanks to excellent competitive aggressiveness (personality characteristic) immediate elimination of mistakes (ability to manage negative emotions), maximal concentration on performance (ability cognitive), excellent pre-competition preparation (which is trained in our training)

Only the bad luck of an accident caused by another rider during the warm-up lap of the last heat prevented him from making it to the final, however we can only congratulate him and close with great satisfaction for Qarrar's change of pace. who now, in addition to his talent, will be able to start counting on enhanced and constantly evolving mental and personality aspects.
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