The Athlete's Fundamental Functionings: The Key to Performance
Posted by MindUP News on 29/08/2023

The Athlete's Fundamental Functionings: The Key to Performance
Intense days of Integrated Mental Enhancement focused on Basic Functions theorized by Functional Psychology, the theoretical-scientific basis of MindUP Enhacament Psychology Method ® @mindup_enhanchement_psychology .
Here we see two of our motorsport athletes: Yari Montella (Supersporsport world championship) @yarimontella55 and Francesco Maria Leone (KZ2 karting) @fm_leone actively training to enhance some Functions that are essential to obtain excellent performance.
Sensations and Perceiving: they are the main means by which the athlete learns to feel himself in an ever more refined way (tensions, psycho-physical energy tone, emotional state, etc.) and his own vehicle: active chassis dynamics, tire grip, feedback from changes in implemented fine tuning.
Consistency: it is the Functioning necessary to feel self-confidence, solidity and personal value. It is also deeply linked to self-esteem.
Determination: it is the ability to go all the way to one's goals, to complete the performance in the best possible way, to overcome the set goals with tenacity.
Strength Calm: through calm it is possible to effectively face challenges and opponents much more easily than through anger and agitation. Calm added to strength intensely conveys our sense of security to others.
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