MindUP Enhacement Psychology ® is present at Futurmotive Expo & Talks
Posted by Riccardo Paterni on 18/11/2023

MindUP Enhacement Psychology ® is present at Futurmotive Expo & Talks
We were present, with our info point inside the RPM stand (RPM is an international network of motorsport companies of which we are part) at Futurmotive Expo & Talks from 16th to 18th November 2023 at Bologna Fiere organized by Autopromotec.
Futurmotive is an international initiative aimed at pointing out the innovations that are part of the future of mobility (in this regard we would like to point out at this link a conference that RPM organized as part of Futurmotive on this very theme), in this context it was created a section focused on motorsport which has always been a hotbed of technological innovations affecting various sectors.
And it is in this context of innovation that the MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® method has been involved with a presentation made on the stage of the Area Innovation Workshop by Lorenzo, Andrea and Riccardo with the testimonial by Yari Montella.
The presentation engaged a lot of interest precisely because of the innovative and concrete nature of the method which relates in a very practical and understandable way to the context of performance development in a conscious and dynamic way (similar in scientific and objective philosophy, to the management of the performance of the racing vehicle on the track).

In the gallery there are photos of the context of the stand, of the conference and also of the magazine Entrepreneurs which dedicated an in-depth analysis to everything.