Mental training in target shooting
Posted by MindUP News on 31/01/2024

Mental training in target shooting
Target sports are among those in which the mental aspect has a very significant weight.
Shooting is considered a "closed skill" sport, i.e. where environmental and external variables (such as weather, the role of the opponent, etc.) remain relatively unchanged and do not influence performance.
For us mental trainers, this type of sport offers the possibility of significantly increasing the role of measuring and objectifying some physiological parameters of the athlete during performance.
For this reason, in addition to working as always on the athlete's basic functioning, in shooting we have the possibility of measuring and enhancing certain sport-specific functions both in the laboratory and on the range, in order to record even the smallest progress on specific gestures. technicians.
In the photo our senior trainer Dr. Andrea Giammaria with the Fiamme Gialle athlete Rebecca Lesti, at the MindUp headquarters in Macerata.
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