The Trainers MindUP Enhacement Psychology ® are professionals who have made the entire training course specific to the method and protocols to be applied.
Andrea Giammaria  /  Senior Trainer, Method Developer

Andrea Giammaria / Senior Trainer, Method Developer

He has always had a passion and a propensity for individual outdoor sports, which he has practiced since he was a child, in particular in the summer and winter mountaineering context. For many years he has experimented in contexts of psychophysical health promotion with adolescents and pre-adolescents, creating and participating in projects involving schools and sports clubs. Being very fond of endurance sports, he subsequently became interested (after his scientific and psychological training) in the aspect related to performance and mental strength that this type of activity requires, like the physical one.
Andrea, in addition to his first training, wanted to enrich his background through the specialization in Functional Psychology and during this journey he met his colleague Lorenzo Baldassarri a decade ago. An affinity for planning and intervention was created immediately: what until now was proposed as mental training was not enough for him! There was no real integrated vision of the athlete and so they built a new model of Applied Psychology: the Psychology of Empowerment. After years of study and application, 2021 saw the official theoretical birth of the Psychology of Empowerment, of which he is co-founder. He joins the MindUp - Strengthening Psychology project and becomes a trainer by applying the model with athletes in particular athletics, cycling, triathlon and rugby. He has almost twenty years of experience in group training.
Michele Marconi, Trainer

Michele Marconi, Trainer

Michele begun his professional path as an adult clinical psychologist, trained in clinical hypnosis and brief psychotherapy.
Always a sports lover and practitioner, he begins to search in the national and international training panorama for technologies and equipment that can be put at the service of improving performance.
He then acquires a solid psychophysiological training which leads to the formation of a health and sport psychology clinic focused on biofeedback technologies.
Precisely in the context of this activity he meets MindUp-Enhancement Psychology® through his colleague and friend Andrea Giammaria, from here, the Integrated Mental Training based on the Psychology of Enhancement, is enriched with a fundamental neuroscientific component.
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