Business Developers

MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® Business Developers are trained professionals who value the innovation of the methodology by introducing it to sports, professional and corporate contexts.
Riccardo Paterni

Riccardo Paterni

Riccardo has been involved in international business development for over 25 years. His motto summarises what drives him: “Seeking Growth Through: Knowledge for Action & Action for Knowledge - Stimulating Critical Thinking, Facilitating Practical Action!"‚Äč.
His academic and professional background has been developed in the USA  (interdisciplinary degree “Dynamics in Organisational Environments” from the University of Wisconsin) and leverages on leadership, effective teamwork dynamics, talent mangement, communication and entrepreneurship topics geared towards the pragmatic, agile, development of primarily small and medium size enterprises.
He focused on the motorsport industry from an organisational and business development perspective with racing cars and karts manufacturers operating on a global scale as well as supercars manufacturers. His direct network of organisations and professionals extends from the USA and South America to India and China through Italy and the United Kingdom.
He has been focusing on business development relevant to motorsport and automotive in India during the last ten years (market research and direct participation to motorsport events through  a business organisation he co-founded in Mumbai) and rhe has also worked on automotive business development relevant to the Chinese market.
He is a lecturer and talent manager at the University of Pisa on master programs (inclusive one focusing on automotive). He has authored books and studies relevant to the topic of motorsport industry as key accelerator of innovation relevant also to other fields as automotive, aerospace, aviation, biotechnologies, virtual reality and has presented the topic at international conferences.
Riccardo is a Certified Facilitator of Fligby, the innovative Leadership game simulator (further infomation at the link).
Alberto Giorgio

Alberto Giorgio

Alberto Giorgio has a background of over 30 years in the context of public relations and performance related to the world of motorsport. He comes from a family rooted in motorsport: both his father and mother have been established drivers and he is an amateur driver with advanced skills developed over the years with karts, grand touring cars and single-seaters. Over the last 30 years he has organized motorsport, tennis and football events, being involved in the ownership of Radio Dimensione Suono, has promoted sponsorship and public relations activities also at the Formula 1 level. He is passionate about technological developments in general and this aspect also brought him closer, and made him appreciate even more, the 'data driven, performance focused' approach of MindUP - Enhancement Psychology that he himself discovered and tested as an amateur driver. He has been collecting vintage road and racing cars for years.
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