Scientific Researchers

Deși Salvadego, Scientific Researcher

Deși Salvadego, Scientific Researcher

PhD, Physiologist Of Exercise And Wellbeing

My scientific expertise is related to the study of the physiological determinants of exercise performance and health by an integrative approach linking the respiratory, cardiovascular and skeletal muscle systems to molecular aspects intrinsic to the oxidative metabolism, in individuals exposed to environmental stressors and chronic diseases. My current interests are directed to explore the interactions among emotions, cognition and body functioning in humans exposed to stressors inducing vulnerability and frailty, particularly emotional frailty. My mission is to help people develop a stable condition of psychophysical wellbeing and realize themselves through the body and its movement, as the basis for health and for every specific health or athletic intervention. 
My specific activities deal with: conception and development of applied research projects; creation of multidisciplinary interactions by team working centered on the individual needs; dissemination of findings and practical applications to national and international conferences, among people, professionals of wellbeing and health, sports coaches and teams, and at schools. 
Michele Marconi, Scientific Researcher

Michele Marconi, Scientific Researcher

Michele begun his professional path as an adult clinical psychologist, trained in clinical hypnosis and brief psychotherapy.
Always a sports lover and practitioner, he begins to search in the national and international training panorama for technologies and equipment that can be put at the service of improving performance.
He then acquires a solid psychophysiological training which leads to the formation of a health and sport psychology clinic focused on biofeedback technologies.
Precisely in the context of this activity he meets MindUp-Enhancement Psychology® through his colleague and friend Andrea Giammaria, from here, the Integrated Mental Training based on the Psychology of Enhancement, is enriched with a fundamental neuroscientific component.
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